Contemporary - Mountain Modern - Industrial



LOCATION Beaver Creek
ARCHITECT Stephanie Lord-Johnson,
Berglund Architects
Jacobs + Interiors

This Beaver Creek residence was very well done but needed a more
contemporary aesthetic to please the new owners. Once adorned with
heavy drapes and elk chandeliers and with walls that prevented a more
open concept, the team got to work on a plan to make it modern with
some industrial details.

This down-to-the-studs remodel had a dramatic effect and the outcome
is a spacious and open with a very clean new look. The new fireplace
contains metal panels with lighting. The kitchen is now open to the
main living area along with two beautifully placed islands. There is a
metal, floating staircase with oak treads that provides a grand entry and
better suits the space. The chandeliers add drama and interest to the
otherwise very clean style.

The largest change was the addition of a steel beam that went from one
end of the main living space to the other side of the residence, no easy
feat in an existing space. But the results were dramatic, beautiful light,
open spaces and a very fun, industrial style.

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