Lake Weedunno


ARCHITECT Dominick Architects

Lake Weedunno

The homeowners of this amazing project wanted a getaway that would be fun for both kids and adults. Situated on a lake in a high desert area, it had to accommodate many needs. It had to have plenty of room for guests who might come and camp, bring their RV, or spend the night. The living areas needed extra room for guests and there was a priority for extra living spaces around the property. The ultimate design on the land included a 4,900 square foot house with an additional barn, carport, boat and storage deck, dock and campgrounds with hook ups for water.

This home is located in the high desert town of Fruita, Colorado where dry temperatures can sit at over 100 degrees for weeks at a time. This had a major impact on the design, materials and layout to keep the home cool and accessible at all times of the year. Concrete was the material of choice to keep the home cool and also make it bulletproof with many people in and out. Building with concrete, especially inside and to the degree it was used, means getting it right from the beginning with proper planning and execution. Additionally, the owners chose to have two circle yurts as part of the home which meant wood paneling and ceiling elements had to fit perfectly together to match with circular concrete floors.

The exterior was as important as the interior. Open gathering spots, decks and docks were all created with a cohesive flow and updated style. The exterior is hardscaped with native plantings to mimic the environmental conditions.  In addition, all of the grass that would have needed water and mowing was replaced by artificial turf, to save on water and maintenance, since it is not a primary residence.

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