Customer Care Program


Once your home is built, we invite you to keep your home healthy through our customer care division with regularly scheduled inspections and a proactive approach to maintenance. We introduced this program because many of the homes being built today have complicated structural, mechanical and electrical systems that require an experienced technical staff to manage.

Our inspections involve a 135-item checklist which is customized to your home. The primary focus of the inspection includes: mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems; interior and exterior surface conditions; and season specific maintenance. We combine over 50 years of experience in fine homebuilding with proactive, scheduled inspections to keep your home well maintained for years to come. The combination of experience in building and proactive maintenance will keep your home healthy and help make home ownership easy.

Our small projects team is available to help with those projects that have been on your list! This includes a new roof, deck or bathroom update. We also can add on to your garage or update your mechanical systems. We combine decades of custom residential building experience and home care technicians into one team that can accomplish small tasks, remodels and one off needs.