Spirit Center


LOCATION Avon, Colorado
ARCHITECT No Name Architects
LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT David Beadle Landscape Architect
INTERIOR DESIGN Design Project, Inc.

Spirit Center

The owners of this stunning home wanted to create an addition that served a specific purpose – a place to get some quiet time, focus on quality conversation and also have a space for exercise and overall well being. The Spirit Center, as it is called is a 1,200 square foot, two story octagonal addition which is built adjacent to the main home. The inside features a beautiful well lit cupola above the main area with octagonal walls and abundant daylight shining through. The downstairs offers a health and fitness center and you are drawn to the natural beauty and aspen hillside that this rotunda overlooks.

The intent for this 1,200 square foot octagonal residential addition was to maximize space and make it as energy efficient as possible. As drawings progressed, it became clearer that the strengths of the building made it a great candidate for LEED Certification. An additional result of this level of LEED practice resulted in a HERS rating of 49. Standard Homes typically have a HERS rating of 100 or more. Without adding alternative energy sources such as solar or wind and eliminating all the windows, a HERS index rating of 49 is about the best rating you can get on a home or structure.

22nd July 2014 Mountain Living July 2014

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22nd October 2013 Professional Remodeler October 2013

Design Awards Bronze Award for Green Remodel

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