Habitat for Humanity Gets Assistance from Beck Building Company to Provide Housing in Vail

Habitat for Humanity Gets Assistance from Beck Building Company to Provide Housing in Vail

January 2024 has seen exciting changes for the Vail Valley. On Tuesday, January 16, a new housing unit went up on its foundation in Eagle. This unit marks the first of the Third Street Project, a $3.28 million dollar project to build more affordable housing for Vail Valley residents. Habitat for Humanity got assistance from Beck Building Company, along with Eagle County Schools, Eagle County and the town of Eagle, to pull off this ambitious project.

The effort to extend housing to all residents of the Vail Valley has taken the cooperation of the entire community. Eagle residents eagerly embrace the new housing opportunities. Despite freezing temperatures, a crowd gathered to watch the first home go up, and cheer for the workers on site.

Eagle County Schools earmarked twelve of the sixteen duplex units to house new teachers in Eagle County. The unit are located within walking distance from both local schools and downtown Eagle.  The location provides ample opportunities for residents to connect  in the community and  means that new and longtime residents can feel right at home. 

Quality Meets Efficiency

Every detail of the new housing has been meticulously accounted for. Ready-to-assemble units from Fading West in Buena Vista mean shorter construction times. The energy-efficient units will operate at a net-zero – completely carbon neutral. 

The units pose a unique challenge. Habitat for Humanity homeowners must participate in construction, a bit of a hurdle  with pre-built homes! To get around this, the organization plans to have families help on traditional projects elsewhere.

As the project continues, Habitat for Humanity, with assistance from Beck, will provide Colorado families with affordable housing. The first unit marks an important first step to completing this project by summer 2024.

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