Aspen, CO


  • Per Project Manager, develop contracts with subcontractors based on Bidding Guidelines,
  • Explain and maintain job billing schedule and payment policy to subcontractors.

Job Accounting

  • Evaluate job invoices and subcontractor’s accounts for accuracy.
  • Review monthly Job Bill (when the Job Bill comes to your desk).
  • Answer Accounts Payable calls from subcontractors and suppliers.
  • Track final payments from subcontractors at end of job.
  • Prepare monthly budget analysis itemizing monthly billings.

Change Orders

  • Assist in estimating cost of Change Orders and update the Change Order Summary

Office Assistance

  • Assist Senior Project Manager, Project Managers and Project Superintendents with special projects.

Jobsite Assistance

  • Plan Topping Off Party.
  • Attend weekly site meetings.


  • Print photos from Back Office and put on photo board each week.
  • Maintain Owner web page by inserting finish schedule.

Job Closeout

  • Participate in Post Project Review meeting.
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