Wellness and Safety Programs in the Workplace

Wellness and Safety Programs in the Workplace

In the current working landscape, employee well-being has become more important than ever. For many years, businesses have increasingly looked for ways to support employee health and wellness. As part of the construction industry, Beck Building Company thinks wellness and safety in the workplace is more important than ever. That’s why we’ve partnered with Health Links to promote health and safety across all industries.

Health and Wellness in the Construction Industry 

With heavy machinery, tight project deadlines, and a close relationship with the laws of physics, the construction industry demands an unwavering commitment to safety. Beyond goggles and hard hats, companies and supervisors must embrace risk management as a crucial part of workplace safety. Mitigating potential future risk goes incredibly far in preventing workplace accidents.

In addition to physical safety, the mental and emotional well-being of those working in construction is paramount to protecting employee health. Implementing wellness programs pre-emptively ensures worker safety on a holistic level. Long-term objectives like prioritizing employee mental health pay long-term dividends.

Beck Building Company cares deeply about wellness and safety in the workplace. We take our reputation as Colorado’s premiere luxury custom builder seriously. That means we highly value the satisfaction and safety of all of our workforce on all of our projects. In order to continue building the highest-quality homes in Colorado, we must take care of the people who build them. 

Health Links Healthy Workplace

Beck Building Company has partnered with Health Links, a company which helps equip companies with tools to create a healthier workforce. Based in Colorado, Health Links promotes wellness and safety in the workplace by offering certifications, training, and proven tools to business owners. 

Health Links recently sat down with one of our site superintendents, Chris Keran. Watch Chris discuss the importance of workplace health and safety in the video below.