Vail Mountain Home Sells for $57.25 Million

Vail Mountain Home Sells for $57.25 Million

When Alejandro bought a six-story home on under an acre in the heart of Vail Village in 2014, he likely had no idea it would eventually obtain the highest sale price of a home in valley history. Eventually, this exquisite Vail, Colorado record-breaking home sold for $57.5 million. For over 6 years, the homeowner worked with an architect and his daughter Sandy, to transform the property into two separate dwellings. One side, Opus, is roughly 15,000 square feet with nine bedrooms, fifteen bathrooms, and two swimming pools. The other side, Ethos, is a modest 8,500 square feet with five bedrooms, nine bathrooms, and one pool. 

Built in the mountain modern style, the architecture of the home prioritizes its stunning surroundings. Large single pane windows offer unobstructed views of the Gore Range. The interior architecture features clean lines on a grand scale throughout. Long, low-slung fireplaces travel up twenty foot walls. Though minimally adorned, the home takes advantage of natural materials like bleached walnut and slate to add warmth and vitality. 

A New Beginning in Vail

Entrepreneur, Kevin bought the six-story house in the summer of 2020. The price nearly doubles the previous record price set in 2017. According to the homeowner, the pandemic was giving his family of six “cabin fever” at their home in Boulder. Eager to get closer to nature, the family was drawn to the property because of its location downtown and its excellent access to the best natural wonders Vail has to offer. 

Originally, Alejandro  only intended to sell half of the property and keep the other side as a vacation property for himself. But the offer was too good and now a new generation can enjoy all that Vail has to offer. .

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