Jackson Creek


ARCHITECT Tryba Architects
INTERIOR DESIGN Tryba Architects

Jackson Creek

This home design is on the cutting edge of contemporary architecture. The clients wanted a home that would feature their extensive collection of western art which they had attained over many decades. This resulted in the need for creating personal living spaces amidst several levels of small and large art galleries. The clients also wanted the home to be suited for group viewings and entertaining, so they could share their art with local and international scholars and dignitaries.

To meet these goals, the home incorporates galleries for paintings, drawings, sculpture, books and memorabilia. Despite the dramatic design of the home, the gallery areas were designed in such a manner that the artwork takes center stage. As you can see, the art collection is exceptional. In the personal living areas, where some of the artwork is on display, the interior design becomes more traditional and comfortable.

Although many of the materials used in the construction are somewhat common, the way they were used in this home was extraordinary. As an example, steel sheets were used extensively on the exterior of the home. However, a special steel product, known as Corten was used instead of normal “mill grade” material. The Corten product is designed to rust to a pre-designed level at which time the oxidation stops and becomes a protective layer that prevents further rusting.

Stone was also used throughout the home, to help tie the structure to the site, and to make a connection with the western art within. Part of this design effort included a 17 ton slab of stone that was used as a landing at the lower stairs of the main gallery. Cut slabs of stone are also used as wall cladding on many areas of the exterior adjacent to metal siding.

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