Aspen, CO
Rowland & Broughton
Landscape Architect:
Blue Green
Interior Design:
Rowland & Broughton

Shadow Mountain

This Aspen home is nestled below the town’s iconic Shadow Mountain and the homeowners wanted to feel like they were in the forest while in their home. This 4,600 square foot home offers a smart layout while taking advantage of a smaller sized lot located just 10 minutes from Aspen’s core.

The views were the focus and ultimately drove the design inspiration and material choices. Windows that take advantage of the views are visible from all vantage points in the house. The inside is made up of natural palettes, white oak and glass to keep the home light and airy. The homeowners love color and used colors like green to play off the forest theme on the upperlevel.

Modern In Denver Winter 2020

Perspective Personified

A Contemporary home tucked up against Aspen’s Shadow Mountain unfolds to the views, thanks to a vertical configuration, unusual aperture windows, a giant skylight, and an expansive rooftop deck.
by: Allison Gwinn
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