Avon, CO


  • Monitor the Construction Schedule weekly and manage the work in such a manner as to keep on schedule.
  • Track and coordinate with Project Manager procurement or purchasing activities required by the schedule.


  • Coordinate purchasing activities based on lead times and schedule
  •  requirements.
  • Verify that materials to be purchased are compatible with construction documents, owner’s expectations, BUDGETS, jobsite conditions, subcontractor’s contract requirements and with Purchase Agreements.

Subcontract Administration

  • Hold weekly subcontractor meeting to discuss schedule, and coordinate manpower.
  • Prep jobsite for subcontractors prior to their start of the scope of work.


  • Coordinate bidding and contracting with the Project Manager and the Estimating staff.


  • Participate in the submittal process for all products/materials to be used on the project.  Coordinate with Project Manager.
  • Assist Project Manager in obtaining submittals/samples from suppliers and subcontractors for approval by Owners and Architect.

Change Orders

  • Notify and coordinate with Project Manager on Owner/Architect/consultant directed changes to the scope of work.

Monthly Billings

  • Review billings for budget challenges and problems.

Relationship Management

  • Develop a communicative and helpful relationship with the Owner, Architect, Project Manager and Coordinator.


  • Direct all facets of the work in the field.
  • Maintain action lists for field personnel, subcontractors, and materialmen.
  • Maintain a well organized and clean jobsite and jobsite trailer.

Daily Paper Work

  • Prepare Daily Job Reports on the website.

Project Closeout

  • Participate in the development, distribution and completion of all Architect/Owner generated punchlists.
  • Participate in the Post Project Review with the Project Team.
  • Participate in the warranty servicing of the project after completion.
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