Over the past 10 years, we’ve seen a variety of trends in the luxury second home market come and go.

One Trend that continues to remain constant, is a custom built legacy home. These homes are designed to accommodate generations of growing families and are designed to be passed down to children and grandchildren. These are often centered around a vacation spot like a lake or beach and of course, a ski destination. These homes tend to have similar needs and priorities but often will buck the traditional trends. We build several legacy homes for clients each year and some of the trends we are seeing include –

Greater great rooms – plenty of room to gather with open floor plans on the main level. The open floor plan has been elevated by adding multi-dimensional great rooms incorporating outdoor spaces, wide open views, with multiple areas to sit and eat. Within the larger room, ceiling heights will vary making an open space feel more intimate. Kitchens continue to be the focal point with adjacent outdoor spaces to accommodate kids and adults. Everyone loves Colorado’s outdoor lifestyle and grills with lots of storage and prep areas, more spacious balconies or decks and the addition of the hot tub, bar or pool are as popular as ever.

Mini master suites – for the grandparents or new parents with an attached bath and closet. This is in addition to the master suite for the homeowner.

Amenities for the grandchildren – these play a pivotal role in the initial design phase to ensure plenty of space for the kids. Sound consideration also plays a major role so they can be up long after the parents go to bed which means added insulation or sound proofing techniques. Still trending are theatre spaces, rec or play rooms, expansive bunk rooms and larger mud rooms. Bunk rooms have evolved into built ins with additional amenities such as drawers, stairs and side tables.

High performance, low maintenance – homeowners expect that energy efficiency and sustainable building practices are incorporated making the home run smoothly with little effort or upkeep.

Location, location, location – these homes are often accessible to bike routes, ski runs or trails into town.

Pets matter – our furry kids are more important than ever with built in dog washes in the garage, hidden kitty litter boxes and areas for outdoor play.

We appreciate being part of these legacy homes and know there will be instant memories made that will last a lifetime.