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Jackson Creek

This project is one of the more cutting edge projects in the custom home field. These clients wanted a home to feature their extensive collection of western art that they have gathered for decades. It meant creating personal living spaces amidst several levels of small and large galleries that featured their collection. The home also had to be accessible for groups and entertaining because the homeowners share their art with scholars and dignitaries from around the world.

A museum home was created with custom displays for special art, sculptures, books and memorabilia. The most unique features of the home are the elaborate subtleties such as the sophistication in design of making the home be the unnoticed background for the artwork to take center stage.  Then, when in personal living areas, where the artwork is still on display, the extra layer of craftsmanship of the home begins to show.  The style of the home, while contemporary, had to honor the collection of western art style that it showcases.

Most of the materials used in the home are household names, but the way the materials were used was quite extraordinary.  An example is Corten, a special steel meant to rust to a predesigned state at which time the oxidization becomes the protective layer. This material became the major focal point of the home’s exterior. Incorporating stones of all sizes and style because a focal point to bring the western style into a contemporary home. An example was a 17 ton stone as a landing to the lower stairs of the largest gallery that remains exposed to the finished room.