Colorado homeowners wanted a series of tent yurts for their vacation home, architect Rick Dominick suggested durable "yurt-inspired" structures due to the harsh weather—which can often reach into the hundreds during the summer and experience high winds all year long.

Beck Building Company was hired to get the technical, complicated building job done. The largest yurt includes the living and dining spaces and is surrounded by windows with views of a private lake. The second yurt features the master bedroom in a more private setting at the back of the home, and has an outdoor shower just steps away from its patio doors. Finally, a third yurt is a bunk room for the children and is tucked back in a protected courtyard.

The cathedral-shaped steel beams outline the open plan of the main house, which includes a kitchen, upstairs loft, bathrooms, and hallways that connect all of the yurt structures. The central structure is made of concrete and serves as a thermal mass to keep the home cool in summer and warm in winter.


Featured in the Wall Street Journal